Renewable Systems for a Healthy Tomorrow

DN5 has joined the solar mission of India: the world’s largest renewable energy expansion programme to generate 175 GW of green power by the year 2022.
With ever- increasing power demand and depleting conventional fuels, we promote harnessing of new and renewable energy.

We offer holistic solutions from conceptualization, execution, commissioning and post-commissioning on a turnkey basis.

1. Rooftop Solar Installations

Off-grid System:
● In the case of an Off Grid Solar System, Power Generated from the rooftop system is stored in a battery bank and then fed to load as and when required.
● Both types of appliances AC and DC can be connected to this system.
● The inverters are smart and can optionally use the grid power to keep the load running when power from solar and battery bank is not enough to cater to the total load.
● Smart logic of the inverter will ensure that uninterrupted power supply is available with bare minimum use of grid power.

Grid-tied system:
● A Grid-tied Solar Rooftop system is energized by photovoltaic panels which are connected to the utility grid through a bi-directional meter which keeps track of all the power the solar system produces.
● Any solar energy that is not used immediately goes back into the grid through this meter.
● The Utility gives credit for the excess electricity received by it and deducts the credits earned from your monthly electricity bill.

Off- Grid

Grid- tied

2. Solar installation modules

● Investment Model
● Engineered to perform
● Simple to finance
● Easy to implement

● Zero Investment Model
● No capital investment
● No operating cost
● No hassle
● No regulatory worries
● No performance risk
● Guaranteed savings

DN5 Solar Street Light

3. Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning (EPIC)

● Risk Management Services
● Conceptualization
- Product Design
- 3D & 2D Design
- Design Verification & Validation
- PLC Design
- Structural Design and Calculations
● All Major and Minor Civil Works
● Pre-engineered buildings & Prefabricated Structures
● Transformers/Inverters and Converters
● Non-destructive Testing (All advanced and conventional)
● Solar rooftop and EPC projects
- Solar Module mounting structure (fixed, seasonal, tilt & tracker)
- Rooftop module mounting structure including super structure
- Procurement and importing
- Complete project execution
- Project Management
● Manufacturing of special purpose electrical enclosures (civil, prefab, pre-engineered)