DN5 Defence

Established to cater to defence requirements, DN5 Defence operates as registered partners with the Ministry of Defence – Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard, Indian Army & Border Security Forces. We provide services in all national and some international ports. We provide complete MRO (maintenance, repair & overhauling) for navigational aid, engines, weapons, and hull steel renewal. With our health and safety policy in place, we work with utmost integrity and discipline to provide for the protectors of our nation. Furthermore, we are honored to have on board with us some retired defence personnel with decades of experience.

Our Services

  • Complete mechanical & electrical engineering and manufacturing services
  • Non-destructive testing of submarine system pipelines
  • All electrical fault finding, rectifications, modifications and solutions
  • Manufacturing/assembly of new electrical panel boards and fitting
  • Service trials after defect rectification
  • All types of AC/DC electrical works
  • Maintenance and overhauling of all machinery and engineering equipment
  • Ultrasound gauging of the ship’s hull and artificial intelligence technology services
  • Welding and replacement of ship’s hull plating
  • Supply of engine spares
  • Manufacturing of Radar coolant plants and modification as per ship’s requirement
  • Manufacturing of DC to DC converters and manufacturing of chargers & converters
  • Specialized in manufacturing of MSI TYPHOON GUN spares for ISVs
  • Transfer and introduction of new technology and weapons

Our Expertise

Our Experience

DN5 has performed work related to engine, electrical works, supplying spares, modifications of electrical panels, control panels, capstone control panels manufacturing & repairs on the following class of Indian Naval Warships, Submarines & Coast Guard Crafts:

  • Aircraft carriers
  • Destroyer Class
  • Frigates
  • Corvettes
  • Amphibious
  • Offshore Patrol Vessels
  • Guided Missile Destroyer
  • Fast Attacking Crafts
  • Immediate Support Vessels
  • Attack Submarine
  • Stealth guided missile destroyer
  • ICGS Interceptor Boats
  • ICGS Hovercraft
  • INHS Asvini